The Centre of Research Excellence for the Development of Innovative Therapies for Psychiatric Disorders (CREDIT)

CREDIT has a single goal: Discovering and creating novel treatments to empower those with some of the most disabling mental disorders.

The Centre for the Development of Innovative Therapies in Psychiatric Treatment

What We Do

CREDIT supports change in two ways:

  • Pursuing multiple lines of evidence to rapidly hone in on beneficial medications and lifestyle treatments
  • Helping to grow the practical requirements – including resources, clinical trial networks, and guidelines – that can see new discoveries reach actual use.

This work requires diverse minds, generous collaboration, and a mindset of innovation. And it includes conversations with a strong cross-section of government, research, healthcare professionals, and the community.

Benefits to come for clinicians and researchers

  • National trials registry
  • Key discoveries, in plain English
  • National library of rating scales
  • Advertising chances for community to access clinical trials
  • Guidelines
The Centre for the Development of Innovative Therapies in Psychiatric Treatment

The Problem

Despite the dedication of mental health professionals, some of our foremost medications for conditions like bipolar disorder have not changed in decades – not because they are perfect, but because we have not found better alternatives.

Currently, this dearth of treatment options leaves, for instance, full remission rates for psychosis at just 25%, and for depression, just 3 out of 10. In other words: if diagnosed with depression, you may have only a 30% chance of quickly finding a suitably effective treatment regime.

We find this unacceptable.

That’s why we are on a mission to discover new possibilities for potential treatments, by weaving together:

  • Population data
  • Key biological pathways for disease development
  • Untapped potential of existing medications
  • Clinical trials – that vital process for both testing and generating leads.